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We understand how organizations constantly evolve through its people, and with that, OnPoint Consulting, Ltd., Co. offers its full range of business consulting and learning development services in order to deliver solutions to our clients with an emphasis on Passion, Excellence, Opulence, Purpose, Leadership, and Empathy.

Number of Trainings
Companies Served
Happy Clients
Number of Trainings
Companies Served
Happy Clients

Our Services

OnPoint performs consulting services for both the private and public sectors, with its pool of senior consultants create a balance between theory and practice while keeping up to date with the trends in the business world. The company thrives on innovation, research, and customized business solutions to its diverse client base.

Human Capital Development & Leadership, and Organizational Development

This program is designed to immediately address the soft skills of employees and improve on their competencies. The program also greatly aids in the leadership abilities of employees as their organization strives to “strengthen and deepen the bench.”

Financial Management

This program is designed to help participants appreciate and understand the function of a Finance Manager in an organization. This program is not just for personnel in this role, but for organizational leaders as well who wish to develop cognizance of how the assets, cash, etc are properly managed and sustained.

Marketing Management

This program goes beyond the limits of the theories of marketing as it teaches learners how to promote their company’s products and services, manage their brands, effectively make a sales pitch, manage the customer service platform, learn social entrepreneurship and perform corporate research.

Operational Excellence

This program is designed to aid in creating an efficient and effective organization in terms of its operations and in search of innovative ways of running the office.

Inspiring. After the training, it gave me the self-esteem to be a trainer too.


So many takeaways in just one day!

Zenith Corporation

The methods for learning are different. You have fun while you learn

Dinalupihan Water District

Very engaging!

Sky Way O&M

Excellent balance of theory and practice!

Iridium Technology

OnPoint FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions our potential clients ask us.

What industries has OnPoint Consulting, Ltd., Co. serviced already?2022-08-29T08:40:41+00:00

Over the past 14 years, OnPoint Consulting, Ltd., Co. has served numerous clients from both the government and private sectors. It includes institutions from the military, government, real estate, food and beverage industry, consulting offices, medicine, technology, health services, pharmaceuticals, drug stores, retail, service and manufacturing, music, entertainment, student body, secretariats, BPO’s, banking and finance, construction, warehousing, engineering and even sports and athletics.

Do all the training programs offer signed certificates?2022-08-29T08:37:52+00:00

Yes, OnPoint Consulting, Ltd., Co. offers signed certificates indicative of your completion of the program you enrolled in. This is true for both physical learning engagements and for the e-learning platform. Handouts are also given during the session so that you can have something to review with should you decide to look back at your notes

What is the E-Learning program all about?2022-08-29T08:37:34+00:00

OnPoint Consulting, Ltd., Co. prides itself on its one of a kind interactive e-learning program. As it is being developed to suit the learning demands of today’s generation and circumstances, the e-learning program is not limited to video presentations. Participants will be given a chance to read relevant articles, learn best practices from different business leaders through carefully selected and designed videos, provide inputs to questions, answer assessment tools and at the end of the day listen to the panel of experts and senior consultants of OnPoint Consulting, Ltd., Co. through a “Round Table Discussion” for more takeaways.

How can interested parties avail of the programs?2022-08-29T08:37:17+00:00

The services of OnPoint Consulting, Ltd. Co. are found on its website. If interested, you may reach the company through its email of consultants@onpointconsulting.com.ph. From there, customized programs will be created for your company, where the solutions are matched to your organizational concerns.

Public seminars are also announced in advance so that interested participants may block those dates off. The venue of the program will be announced as well.

The E-Learning platform of OnPoint Consulting, Ltd. Co. is dedicated to remote learning where interested learners can enroll at any given time.

Are the services offered by OnPoint Consulting, Ltd., Co. limited to training?2022-08-29T08:36:59+00:00

The services offered by the company are not limited to training on soft-skills. OnPoint Consulting, Ltd., Co. also offers consulting engagements in the form of coaching executives, developing strategic plans, and even doing corporate research.

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,”

Philippians 2:3

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