Corporate Planning

Consultants will guide the leaders on how to create action points that govern business strategies through the empowerment of division heads with clear KRAs and KPIs. Resource planning and allocation are also discussed during the learning sessions.

Operations Management

Learn the proper ways on how to plan and manage resources in order to assure a smooth flow of operations. Learn how to proactively set up BCP’s and contingency plans so that your office does not miss out on anything during difficult and turbulent times.

Systems Audit

This program is designed on how to take proper stock of your organization. Learn how to use relevant information, interpret graphs, analyze roadmaps, etc and come up with the correct decisions that are appropriate for the organization.

Operational Excellence (OPEX)

Learn how to lead from the top and master the art and science of enterprise management by focusing on logistics, facilities management, materials management, resource allocation, etc. Learn how to use ideation techniques in order to create meaningful workstreams.

Design Thinking

Learn how to strategically improve the performance of your business through strategic innovation. With the use of a systematic approach on design thinking, organizations become closer to achieving a stronger connection with their customers and stakeholders’ needs. Re-think how your organization serves its clients, and later on reap its rewards through customer loyalty.

Skills Training

Learn how to conduct first aid, basic life support and treat emergencies from a qualified medical emergency professional. This training may actually help save a life during the critical moments while awaiting medical personnel arrive on the scene. HR and Admin personnel can also be coached on how to establish health, wellness and safety programs for the entire organization.