Strategic Financial Management

This program is designed to help finance managers and organizational leaders to realize how to strategically manage finances and assets in the office. Action points on how to cut down on wastage, costs, and other expenses in order to maximize the profits, and convert savings into meaningful activities are discussed.

Financial Statements Preparation, Reporting & Analysis

Interested to learn how to properly prepare, report, and analyze financial statements, then this program is for you.

Accounting for Non-Accountants

While some employees have learned through experience the basic functions of the accounting department, a primer and reinforced learning on how the function of an accountant or accounting manager is thoroughly discussed. Proper up-to-date approaches and theories are also tackled during the learning sessions.

Corporate Financial Planning

Learn how to strategically analyze and position your cash flow, assets and manage your organization’s expenses.

Finance for Non-Finance

Similar to the Accounting for Non-Accountants, this program is dedicated to those working in the finance department where the management of assets, treasury, and other similar functions are done.